Iridian Genomes

We are currently accepting applications for the following programs:

Sequencing of non-model organisms relevant to biomedical research

This program is intended for a single eukaryotic species.

Eligible organisms will have relevance to human health research.

Deep sequencing of a specific taxon

Apply for this option if you have 2-50 species from a single genus, family, or order.

Biome survey sequencing

Apply for this option if you are sequencing 2-50 species from a single region or habitat.

Large scale sequencing

Apply for this option if you need a larger number of species sequenced.

How to apply:

For any of the above programs, detail the relevance to biomedical research. This can be disease specific or of general interest, ex: limb regeneration, cancer, or immune response.

For Sequencing of non-model organisms, Deep sequencing of a specific taxon, or Biome survey sequencing, submit a proposal outlining the source of the specimen(s), the expertise of the identification, and the type of sequencing needed. (Illumina, long-read, transcriptome, etc.)

For Large scale sequencing, submit a proposal with the above information, and also detailing the scientific value, the expertise of the requester(s), and the methods that will be used to handle large amounts of data.

Email your proposal (or any questions) to:

The Review process:

Grant applications are handled quartlerly by a review committee. Grant applications are evaluated according to five major criteria: significance, approach, innovation, expertise, and environment.

Grants which are not funded can be updated and resubmitted.

Open Access Policy:

The Iridian Genomes public access policy requires scientists to submit final peer-reviewed journal manuscripts that arise from funded grants to an open-access journal. The grant information should be incorporated into the manuscript. Example:

The study was supported by Iridian Genomes Inc through RG-2019-0826A; "Complete genome sequencing of Eastern Poison Ivy, Toxicodendron radicans".

See a list of our past awardees.


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